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  • Sep 2021
    Perfect small first car and great on gas
    —Deanne B - 2005 Nissan Tiida
  • Aug 2021
    Great car
    —RS AUTO LIMITED - 2005 Nissan TIIDA
  • Jul 2021
    It is my first automatic car so there was a learning curve there but I like the Tiida. She's comfortable, easy to drive, economical and perfect for the around town driving I do but I am comfortable with idea of driving out of town in her.
    —Irene E - 2005 Nissan Tiida 1800cc
  • Jun 2021
    Not a lot of room, and locking system for people with kids isn't super great
    —Shannon L - 2005 Nissan Tiida
  • Jun 2021
    Really happy with the car
    —Wendy S - 2005 Nissan Tiida
  • Apr 2021
    She’s roomy and very comfortable to drive
    —marita W - 2005 Nissan TIIDA LATIO
  • Apr 2021
    Just a great small car and easy to park
    —Maurice B - 2005 Nissan Tiida
  • Apr 2021
    This purchase was good, The vehicle is reliable and comfortable to drive
    —Jennifer P - 2005 Nissan Tiida
  • Mar 2021
    We were downsizing from our Suzuki Aeros and was recommended by several sources to consider the Nissan Tiida. It is only hubby & I that are going to drive this car and were particularly after a 1.8/2L car for the odd trip we might make to the Hawkes Bay to see our grandchildren. High on the list was reliability, no frills, value for money. So far the Tiida has delivered on that and more. We are still learning and enjoying the 'bells & whistles' we never knew we wanted!
    —Dorothy J - 2005 Nissan Tiida 1.8 Hatch Dark interior
  • Mar 2021
    Great car for my daughter
    —Amanda L - 2005 NISSAN TIIDA
  • Feb 2021
    Very good wee car
    —Toni C - 2005 Nissan Tiida
  • Jan 2021
    Very great on gas ☺️
    —LATISHA B - 2005 Nissan Tiida LATIO SEDAN
  • Jan 2021
    Our son is very happy with Tiida good on gas and power.
    —Tania B - 2005 Nissan Tiida 1.8G TOP SPEC
  • Jan 2021
    Apart from this car being White (lol), it ticked every box we needed it to. Uber stoaked with it
    —Joanna G - 2005 Nissan Tiida Latio
  • Dec 2020
    Stylish, practical car, fuel economy
    —SAMI M - 2005 Nissan Tiida
  • Dec 2020
    Great running economical and reliable small car perfect for errands.
    —Michelle C - 2005 Nissan Tiida
  • Dec 2020
    Nissan TIIDA is my all time favorite car. I just love to drive it.
    —REX X - 2005 Nissan Tiida 1.5L One Nz Owner
  • Dec 2020
    I'm a happy as customer I love my new car thank you soo much
    —Zarah-Lei S - 2005 Nissan Tiida STYLISH SEDAN
  • Nov 2020
    My vehicle its nice and good condition.. Love it...
    —Flordeliza S - 2005 Nissan Tiida " Trade-in Special "
  • Sep 2020
    Couldn't fault anything when purchasing this vehicle, very happy indeed.
    —Maria R - 2005 Nissan Tiida
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